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"You know I don’t care about what I eat. I love food so much, I can’t affect the way I eat."


Just my onion but Tyler posey is an unproblematic angel and the world is a happier place because he is in it :’)

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Teen Wolf + Scott’s favourite outfits (season 2)

Hey Teen Wolf fans!

First, thank you all for following this blog and sharing in the love of our mighty bae, Mr. Posey. You’re all wonderful.

Now this is totally a shameless plug, no doubt about it. But if you’re located in the Northeast US, word on the street is there’s a pretty frickin’ awesome convention going on in November by the name of howlercon.

Now, yes, Posey has not been announced as a guest, but that doesn’t mean this won’t be an awesome convention regardless! I mean, c’mon, a BLACKLIGHT PARTY??? I’m sold.

Literally, I have my tickets already.

And you should get yours too! And tell your friends! Because it’s gonna be awesome! YEAH!

/shameless plug over :)


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